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Sadly after 10 years, at the request of the PCC, this website is to close. The site was created and personally funded by one person as a labour of love for our Lord, the church, the building and people of Sefton Parish Church.

As Sefton Church is now part of a team ministry with St Oswalds, a new combined website is to be launched by the PCC and to avoid confusion a request was made to remove this site.

As the number of visitors is reasonably high and the main area of interest is the building, this site will remain as an archive until Christmas 2017 when it will expire. Thank you for visiting over the last few years and hope you will visit the new website when it becomes available. I will automatically divert this page to the new site within 30 seconds unless the viewer clicks on a "Stay Here" button. In the meantime, click below to contact the church
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an imageSefton Church is dedicated to St Helen and has been a place of continuous Christian worship for more than 800 years.

Sefton Parish Church is one of the oldest Christian sites on Merseyside and is the only Grade I listed building in the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton.

If you have never visited Sefton Church I hope you can do so soon. Sefton Parish Church received 3 stars in Simon Jenkins book ‘England’s Thousand Best Churches’ in which he describes Sefton as ‘more than an oasis.’ Marvelling at this glorious building may you also catch a glimpse of the Glory of God and be renewed in body, mind and spirit. See the Church Building section to arrange a visit.

In 2009 Sefton Parish Church was awarded the Marque of Excellence by the North West Multi-Faith Tourism Association.

Today Sefton continues to be a living centre of Christian worship and we aim to be an inclusive church where everyone can feel respected and at home. A warm welcome awaits you and we hope that this website will encourage you to come and visit us.

Upcoming Events

Christian Aid Week

14th-28th May 2017

Compassion without borders


There are a number of audio and video recordings of services held at our church.

  • The latest is a video of the 2014 Nine Lessons & Carols service
  • An audio recording of the first of the new Family Service format which by coincidence was also the retirement service for Tony Nightingale, our Organist and Choirmaster
  • An audio recording of the Royal Jubilee service held at Sefton Church on Sunday 10th June 2012, a service of thanks and appreciation for Queen Elizabeth II in the 60th year of her reign

More recordings are available - Click the button below...

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